Friday, November 09, 2012

The Arrival of the Generous Super Gods

A long, long time ago, there were several kingdoms where people were farmers and they lived happy lives. They had land whether their own or leased cheaply, the weather was good; there was plenty of food and several harvests were gathered throughout the year. After the people planted their crops, they relaxed and made babies. They did not use birth control ever – why should they? More babies meant more workers in the field and when one was already old- about 50 – one’s children who were only 9 or 10 went into the fields to work hard and to feed their parents. No one was in any hurry, no one needed to save money or to have any excessive amounts of it- the land provided everything you needed and the children gave one security in one’s old age. Some cash was used sometimes because it facilitated exchange. They would sell a few chickens, some eggs or vegetables at the market, take the money to the local store and buy some soap or matches and go back home to relax. No need for bank accounts, debit or credit cards, or any of that stuff. Down on the coast, there were fishermen who lived in their villages, and they were just as happy. Early in the morning, they would go out to the sea and haul in big loads of fish. Their wives would cook some and sell some and buy rice, corn or bread from the peasants for the money. After the catch, everybody made babies again. When a baby was 8 or 9 he was ready to accompany his Dad on his fishing voyages into the sea. The daughters would stay home and wait for the father and the brothers to come back so that could take the fish off of their hands to scale and cook it. It was a happy life full of love, joy, harmony and abundance. But it all changed when the so-called “progress” arrived. Everything suddenly became expensive, taxes were introduced, and the peasants and the farmers were told that they could no longer ask their eight year old children to work in the fields or the sea to help them. Things like electricity, cars, TVs, VCRs and cellphones started making their way into the villages. Prices rose on cattle, land, and various restrictions were imposed on their life styles. People lost their health because of pollution, but could not afford medical treatment. They became settled with debts. In the meantime, medical costs skyrocketed and bankrupted many of them. From far-away cities, visitors arrived. These had enormous amounts of cash, and they were very smart and arrogant, too. They had cars, cellphones, and they were dressed in fancy clothes. They looked down on the peasants and the fishermen and treated them badly. Some of them hired the now impoverished rural folks to work at factories in the cities, and when these went there, they treated them harshly. Even though they paid them what seemed to be good money, it was not enough to live on in the cities and still send money back home to help their families. They were also told that they needed a degree if they wanted to have a good job and these cost money- money which the peasants would never have. In the city, these rustic people would meet other newly poor countrymen and have families with them. They would follow the old formula- make as many kids as possible so that when they grow up, they would help you and be the source of your retirement. But the formula no longer worked. In the city, you needed all these diplomas, and a kid with no such diploma could not find any good work. Still, they would lay guilt on their kids, and when these became teenagers, they had no choice but to get into crime and other illegal things to “help” their families. Such huge family clusters would settle in urban slums vainly trying to recreate within the city limits the old farming or fishing lives of the days long gone. And, it was with great envy and resentment that these kind, but now oppressed people would watch the city slickers living around them. Their fancy houses with all those conveniences looked so good, and they had money in banks and these little plastic cards with which they would get money from “walls”- any time they wanted. They worked in air-conditioned offices with pretty secretaries and they went to parties in skyscrapers and luxury restaurants. And they considered the people from the countryside inferior and stupid and were very contemptuous towards them. The former peasants and fishermen almost gave up on trying to make friends with the nasty urban folks and were about to resign to their new lot of poverty. Until one day they met some heavenly creatures and demigods from a land across the seas. The slum dwellers had often heard about that far-away land from the lucky ones who had been there. The name of the land was America and it was populated by blond, blue-eyed Earth Gods called Whites, Americans or Foreigners- three names by which they could be described- and who were creatures of unparalleled kindness and handsomeness and magic powers. They were known to speak a heavenly language called English and give out money on the streets to poor people. They were obviously land Gods who lived in a City of Gods in America but they were not arrogant; on the contrary, they had humble smiles and they did not feel squeamish to talk to the poor people. They arrived in the country in sky buggies and heavenly vessels bringing with them good words, friendship and help. If you worked as a taxi driver or a waiter and you had a customer from among one of these demigods, you could charge anything and they would not argue, but, with a big smile, would hand you three times the money which they should have paid. In other words, they were the exact opposite of the mean and nasty local oppressors who looked down on the former peasants. One such ex- farmer gave a lecture to the members of his community explaining about the lifestyle of these gold-haired god-like creatures and their wondrous land. It went on like this: -Do you see those clouds, brethren? Well, if you fly a heavenly vessel through them, you will, in one day arrive in a land which hangs in the air between heaven and earth. The name of that land is America. America, just like our country, has many provinces and I think I even know some of their names- Germany, Belgium, England, UK, and some more which I cannot remember exactly. The capital of America is London or New York, I do not remember exactly again, but it is one of those, which does not actually matter. The demigods that populate that land possess wealth and power that none of our city dwelling rich (the ones that look down on us and treat us badly) could ever dream of. They have giant factories which produce these cards and every one of those white Earth Gods has one. All they have to do is walk up to a wall, push some buttons and huge amounts of money come out of there. These golden- haired gods do not have to work; all they do is approach walls to get money. And their money is called the golden dollar and those who do work in their country do so for pleasure, and they use their brain and not their hands or legs. When they do work, they get enormous salaries hundreds of times bigger than ours. -Say, oh brother, what should we call these White Golden Haired Gods? -The name for them is Foreigners or Americans. When you see one, consider yourself very lucky, for to see and meet one means that your hardships and sufferings are over because now, the Americans, the Foreigners, will bestow untold riches upon you. - Does that mean, oh brother of mine, that they will shower me with money? - Oh, yes, my dear neighbor. They have so much of it that you should not hesitate to ask these Super Gods for money simply because their money is unlimited. They are not just rich and wealthy, but they really and truly have infinite amounts of it. I would say that you can compare the amounts of money they have to water in the ocean or air or fish in the sea or stars in the skies. It is virtually inexhaustible. So, if you end up providing services to these messengers of paradise, do not hesitate to charge the highest price possible! Money to them means nothing- just like air means nothing to you. And you often you do not even need to provide service for money- sometimes they just smile and give it to you for free, for nothing. This is why I call them Super Gods- say, if you pray to gods or buddhas for money; do they normally send you money? -No, brother, they have told me that I will only get my reward after I die. - This is precisely the reason they are even higher than gods of buddhas, because if you ask them for money, they give it to you now. Just like that! - Good heavens, these Americans are incredible! They are higher than our gods and buddhas. Tell me more about them! How can I be blessed by them? - They are incredibly compassionate. Just tell them about your problems- and it is OK to exaggerate a bit or even tell a lie now and then- who cares? They have lakes, rivers and oceans of cash- and they will dig into their pockets smilingly and give you all you need. But wait, I did not finish yet. You have not heard the most amazing thing about these blond, blue-eyed heavenly American super gods- many came here to marry our daughters and become our sons-in-law. Can you just imagine what it would be like to be a father-in-law to a creature that is more generous than all the gods and buddhas of the universe? It means that your problems will be over. You can borrow money any time and there is no need to pay back, and then you can borrow again and again. The abundant flow of golden dollars will never cease- you and your family will have all the food, all the cars, all the land and all the help you will ever need. _-Oh, neighbor, but you probably know how saddened I am by the fact that my daughter is now a hostess at a night club and she is working there to help me and my wife because we are so old now- I am 48 and my wife is 45. I feel bad that she goes with customers to their hotel and sells her body, but she is a good daughter and she will help me with that money and she will pay back her debts of gratitude to her parents. And you know, my daughter has recently brought me a grandson- she got pregnant by one of her customers and now she needs to feed him. I have lost all hope in my family having a good future. Do you think there is a chance that my daughter can marry one of these super gods? - Oh yes, you bet. You know, these divine creatures from America are so magnanimous, so kind and broadminded that they will even marry a woman with a child and not care about her past, and be supporting you and paying all of your family bills. That includes medical bills. Any time you want. All you have to do is ask. What is money to them when they have it in such vast amounts? ! - So how can I meet one of them? - That is easy. Ask your daughter to put her picture on the computer. There is a page there that these Super Gods read. Then, when one of them fancies her, tell her to ask him for money right away- and usually they send it, or tell her to invite him over to stay with all of you. Because when he comes, he will pay all your debts, buy you a big house and a car and give you a half demi-god grandson. After that, he can invite you and your family to live in his land, the huge continent of America which is suspended between heaven and earth. You will live in London in a big house with many servants with floors made from pure gold and several cars with windshields made from shiny diamonds. Such could be your future. - But what if my daughter does not succeed in finding one by putting a picture on the computer? - That is unlikely, but then you can ask her to find an American Foreigner who is already here in our land- there are many. And you yourself should not hesitate, when you meet them, to ask them for huge tips, charge them three or four times the normal price for anything you sell, or just ask for money for no reason at all. Americans always give money to others. Always. All you have to do is ask. The arrival of American Golden Haired Super Gods bringing with them sacks of money from the land suspended in golden ether between heavens and earth, where it rains coins and where dollars are leaves on every tree has changed the lives of many such impoverished urban former peasants forever. Despite the fact that some demi-Gods would complain that they did not have any money to give or were talking about some visas that were about to expire and some even pretending that they could not afford to buy a house a car and a field, the peasants simply took these stories as expressions of modesty and they all lived happily ever after.


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