Thursday, November 08, 2012

Dangers of Pedicure Addiction

Some of us end up in cheaper countries because we want to have all the luxuries that the rich there have. One of them is being able to get cheap pedicures (as a man). Why cut your own toe nails if you can have two beautiful girls give you a foot bath and cut them nice and round? And all that for $3? Not a bad deal. There are two dangers in that- licenses in such countries are fuzzy or non-existent so you may get an infection from improper use of pedicure instruments. I have not heard of people getting HIV from pedicures, but it is possible. And then there is a whole bunch of other diseases out there which they can transmit to you through unclean nail clippers. The second one is that you can get “addicted” to pedicures and experience “withdrawal symptoms”. How so? Well, the thing is when they give you pedicures they usually cut your nails nice and round and then, when they grow back, they do so sideways while pushing against the skin of the toes and hurting like hell, sometimes even causing temperature. I had to take pain killers while driving to my local pedicurist. The thing is, it is not always easy to do the same job yourself and cut off those nasty edges that are now cutting into your nail cavity and becoming “ingrown”. You just try doing it yourself and you will see if you can remove them. So, if you are back in the US , you have two choices- take Advil and wait till the pain stops and skin stretches and “gets used” to the nails or go see a pedicurist at least once a month. And how much is an average pedicure? We are talking $30 or so. Now, you are addicted to them and they will end up costing you $360 a year plus gasoline and lost time. Therefore, when in those cheap countries a) Always ask them to dip the clippers into alcohol b) When they do pedicure on you, ask them to only cut the nails in the front part and not around the sides. Otherwise, it will be just like having a monthly toothache when you are back home stateside that only $30 will remove (and most likely you will also be the only man at that pedicure salon most of the time).


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