Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Roomates/sharing in a semi-permissive/cheap country? Think twice!

I was recently in a country X and it was cheap to live there, but then I decided well, maybe I could share a house with a bunch of other expats. It would help me save money. But I have learned many things that prevent me from doing it now. It is just not worth it.

In other words, there are hidden dangers in it, so I do not recommend that you do it. Why?

One of your housemates may have unhealthy interests in people of a certain age range, and if he brought such people in and got caught, it would involve you by default just because you are there and he can also blame you if anything happens. A wacko can do things like that. In certain sleazy countries, expats can be strange and many are downright criminal or just foolhardy and cavalier. You may be a long time resident mindful of local laws and traditions but they may be newbies who think they can get away with things. And they might for while, especially if they use you as a scapegoat

Another housemate can use drugs or bring a girlfriend who is using drugs and there can be a raid, and you can end up at a police station with the rest of them and again, they can blame you and say those drugs were supplied by you!

Not to mention that many can run up stellar gas, water or electric bills and then just skip and you will have to be explaining this to the landlord.

Anyway, when in poorer countries, loosen up your purse strings a bit, and invest in a private, secure and safe residence for you only! Do not get housemates! Got it?

Just a word to the wise!

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