Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Energy Fields

I have noticed an interesting thing. Young women who become prostitutes become jaded over time in a very strange way: it is as if every customer, every man whom they did not love took a piece of her soul, of some energy field. If one meets these ladies again after some time, one can almost guess the number of customers she has been with. It is as if each one leaves some kind of shadow in the back of her eyes. Her aura is dirty.

If one has sharp olfactory organs, one can even smell all these men on her no matter how many times she washes. The sweat gets deep into her pores. Maybe other females cannot smell male sweat on her but I can. Usually the sweat of the opposite sex is not as unpleasant as that of the same sex.

If a woman is married or cohabiting with a steady boyfriend, then her energy just becomes opaque, but it is still strong and evenly distributed.

A virgin, on the other hand seems to be emanating a pure energy fields out of her body. It has not been punctured or sallied in any way. With practice and experience you will be able to distinguish a virgin lady from a prostitute from a lady who is living with a man. Even a lady who has had one sexual experience sends out a signal that is different from that of a virgin. Like a cracked lamp. You will be able to tell those categories of people apart if you hang around such women long enough.

Men, on the other hand, at least from my angle of view, do not seem to become jaded from too many encounters but their aura, on the contrary, becomes purer and brighter. If these are middle aged men who prefer the company of younger females whether prostitutes or actual lovers seem to stay young. If is as if they steal energy from them and replenish their aura by doing so.

Married men, on the other hand look kind of tired and burdened with problems and their aura looks kind of dim. Maybe in marriage the partners exchange auras in a different way?

Shall one assume that the elixir of youth for older guys is constantly being in the company of younger women and stealing their energy in the above way?

Something to think about!

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Anonymous said...

The elites (the psychopathic families that run the Anglo-American establishment as well as their minions in every major government in the world) stay young by anally raping children, usually little boys. There is a joke that Dick Cheyney had a ton of health problems because his horse dick is far too big to do what Bush and all his other friends do regularly.

Basically this is nothing new. Our butt holes produce a lot of heat and there's a lot of theories on what escapes from there.

I guess your theory is different because it has to do with vaginas :-)