Thursday, September 10, 2009

Want Younger Women? Get Ready to Spend and Spend!

Want younger girlfriends? Get ready to be a daddy!
There is nothing illegal, immoral or fattening about an older guy dating girls within the 18-24 range who are still studying or who want to study. Actually, all around the developing world, many a young lady is dreaming of finding an older guy who is stable and kind and who can help her out with her studies, keep her off the streets and put her through school. Because, I am serious, if she does not meet a nice guy who can help her out, pimps can often get her and turn her into a hooker. Or , at best, she will just end up becoming a maid or a waitress somewhere. And marry a poor local guy and get old. That is not what she often wants to happen to her.
There are also medical costs that she may not be able to meet if she gets sick, clothes that she cannot buy and other such things. Some girls are lucky- they have responsible fathers and older brothers, some are not. The ones who are not, are often looking for a foreign boyfriend who can take the helm of her life into his hands and provide. The way men used to back in the old days even in the 1st World.
So, if you want to meet a real cute young lady who will be faithful and kind and you are much older than her, you will have few problems finding one in the so-called Second and Third Worlds. Maybe, secretly, you wish to have two or three such girlfriends? In some countries it may be possible as long as you provide.
So, what is the deal? Well, after you have spent a few months in total extasy of the First Love(s) revisited, you will realize that you have gotten yourself a daughter more than anything else. Or a couple of daughters each with a life full of problems that most young people go through- emotional immaturity and instability, inability to budget money or understand how money works, period; naivite, lack of life experience and communication skills all through no fault of her own- she (or they) just do not know any better because she/they is/are so young!
And more than anything else, get ready to spend a lot of money even if the girl is living in a cheap country. She needs dental treatment, she needs clothing, she needs to be hooked up to the Internet, she needs a cellphone and she needs a regular allowance because she still cannot earn a living while studying. She needs books ,and if the girl is in Ukraine or Russia, she is gonna be needing a lot of winter clothing. Cellphones get lost or stolen, teeth start acting up again, a girl gets sick for real and needs to check into a hospital. She starts missing you and wants you to fly over and stay in her country/town. Or she wants to visit you in some third country. Aren’t you flying over for her birthday? Aren’t you coming over for the New Year? And guess who is going to be footing the bill for the party/ies? And what about the holiday shopping?
Airplane tickets, hotels, visas, taxis, trains, it all starts adding up faster than you can say WTF!
Your own life is unpredictable and forever expense-generating; imagine adding another, younger, person’s life to yours, and all the unexpected expenses that can pop up in her life! Or in ‘their’ lives if you think you can handle multiple girlfriends. You’d better have a good job that will allow you to maintain such a lifestyle. Because often, you will be spending and spending up the ying yang!
Some guys can get away with being thrifty and still maintaining a younger girlfriend or two, but the older you get , the more money you will end up spending. A 51 year old man with a 22 year old girlfriend will, more often than not, be blowing more money on her than a 32 year old man with the same 22 year old.
In some cases, if the girl is a single mom with a kid, you will not only become a daddy; you will become a granddaddy!
In the Western World, a big age difference is only acceptable if you are a famous singer, a Hollywood actor , a media mogul or a senator. Average men, though, must date someone within 5-9 year age difference at the most; in a sickening contrast, if Western men are gay, they can be as old as 60 and have an 18 year old boyfriend, and society will accept it as OK. In the 2nd and 3d worlds, things are different. Usually, a man’s age simply does not matter in heterosexual relationships, and society does not condemn him or the couple. It is their business, after all.
But, by and large, if you want to partake in inter-generational relationships, get ready to be a father more than anything else. A father that can take care of his newly found “daughter” because, to all intents and purposes, it will feel like it after a very short time. And get ready to spend a lot of time as well ,teaching her how to live her life, how to treat people, how to behave, how to budget and how to be emotionally and financially stable. If the girl wants to attend college, it will take 2-5 years before she can stand on her own two feet. Are you ready to support her dreams to be a nurse or a computer programmer?
A younger girlfriend is a big friggin' responsibility!


Anonymous said...

Very true. In fact, I'm noticing that the more symbols of financial security and social status that I casually display -- (although I'm not referring to "fancy cars" and "big houses") -- the greater the # of high quality women who seem drawn to me.

Anonymous said...

What symbols do you refer to?

How much per month per girlfriend?

Thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...

depending on the country a GF will cost you $200-400 a month.