Friday, April 24, 2009

Russian Entertainers and Hookers in South East Asia.

Russian Erotic Entertainers in Asia- Coals to New Castle? I don’t think so.

Fulfilling Asian Men’s ” American” fetish.

In Bangkok, Manila and other Asian cities one can see Russian girls working in nightclubs as entertainers and pole dancers. Escort companies there also routinely feature Russian girls as call girls. Why, would you ask , people would pay some $12- 20 per lady’s drink for the privilege to sit in a bar next to a girl when here are so many local girls around? Why would local men dish out two months' salary for one session with a Russian hooker when they are drowning in the sea of the most beautiful hookers around, coming from their own countries. Not all Russian girls are young and beautiful, many are 30+ and matronly looking, some are stocky and resemble locomotive drivers. So, what is the attraction?

I have my own theory and that is- they are there to fulfill the Asian men’s “American” dream. Their Hollywood dream. Their unreachable, unattainable yearning to have an American woman, one of those they have been watching on TV since their childhood. Brook Shields. Raquel Welch. Britney Spears. The Baywatch girls. The girls in American soap operas that they have been drooling over.

In Most of SE Asia and even East Asia, the words “white”, “American” and “foreigner “are synonymous. A white person is always from America and an American is always white.

“Foreigner” is usually an American and an American is always a foreigner. While white men have been known to go to South East Asia to get local women, few SE Asian men have been known to date/ have sex with/marry white American women. Brook Shields will not come to Manila to get a boyfriend. Britney Spears is not visiting Bangkok in search of her Prince Charming. SE Asian men who did go to the USA to study almost never were able to score with tall, aggressive and masculine American women. It is just such a mismatch! So, the yearnings of a 5’5” , even a successful Thai( or other SE Asian) man to meet and have sex with a white American woman is usually an unattainable and infulfillable fantasy.

That it was, until the fall of the USSR.

Enter Natashas from the Russian Far East. The Vladivostok area. The “California” of Russia. These, mostly blond girls, have discovered that they enjoy Goddess-like popularity when they come to Bangkok or Manila or other such SE Asian capitals. Local men shake when they touch them. They cover their hands in kisses their whole bodies trembling with excitement. They can’t believe their luck. The Brady Bunch girl has come down from the TV screen and they are now looking at her and she is standing in front of them. The unreachable star, the American woman, Britney Spears, Bo Derek, a Playboy centerfold. And yes, if the money is right, you can sleep with her. Will you pay $200 an hour? Hell, yes! Even my life’s savings, just to have the old longing fulfilled!

Paunchy, 5’4”, 55 year old Thai generals who have accumulated fortunes through corruption and bribery are having their dreams fulfilled- they are slobbering over the bodies of these white demi-godesses, these “ Americans’. Heck, an American, a Russian, a Brit, all honkeys look the same. They don’t know the difference. So, they pay and pay and pay!

As a result, you have Russian girls who after a year, leave sin cities of the Orient with thick wads of dollars, enough to retire on in their small Siberian village. All because of the sexy presentation of white women by Hollywood and because to an average SE Asian man, these are “Americans”. Lol. Ignorance is bliss. To these girls’ that is.

So, unknowingly, sexy American movies beamed into SE Asian homes have helped hundreds, no, thousands of Russian girls accumulate small fortunes by filling the white fetishist sexual needs of SE Asian men.



Anonymous said...

The irony is that the internationally worshipped blonde American bombshell with a slim waist, long legs, and gorgeous facial features is actually a total illusion compared to the average American woman who is fat, ugly, with a toxic attitude to boot.

I wouldn't say Russian women are the answer to men's prayers (having had some really bizarre experiences with Russian girls thus far), but certainly, Eastern European women (and to a lesser extent, Scandinavia/Western European women) are just light years ahead of American women in dateability, sex appeal, intellect, and charm!

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