Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Faking Virginity

Let’s say you are a nice old-fashioned dude who wants to marry a girl with high morals who still believes in virginity to be his wife and a good mother to his children. One of the most tragic things that can happen to you and possibly the most painful scam of all is if you go to a supposedly conservative country looking for a conservative, archaic girl to marry who tells you that she is a virgin and then, on the first wedding night she announces- “I have been meaning to tell you, but I am was too shy” or worse “I was just joking!” In short, she is not a virgin. This is the ultimate cuckolding of a man, and it will make you feel like a total loser and a sucker. Not that virginity matters, but why would she deceive you in the first place? And imagine going to a country like that and then meeting the mother and then having to entertain the entire family and buy gifts and court the girl properly when she had given her sweet hymen to some other man who gave her nothing but promises. Does it get any worse? Yes, it does. There is a child somewhere and the girl is hiding the fact. She will only tell you after the marriage. And since you will not be able to tell because she is so shy and she will not show you the stretch marks and some had even had an abortion or a miscarriage. Oh, it gets worse and worse. She may have her boyfriend now, and she is in an uncertain relationship with him and he has another girl and he has been having sex with both, plus he is poor, so “I am going to get me a rich foreigner- foreigners are kind and open-minded and they have money- what a boon would that be! And to get one I need to show him what a good girl I am.” Yeah, right. Does it get even worse than that? Yup! I had known a girl who would always take chaperons with her and I had to feed them and then she had told me after a year of very formal dating that she had had a relationship with her stepfather while she and her mother were living in the same house and it went on for years. She had a “governess”, alright (chuckle), but every time her mother went out, the step dad was all over her. He also threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone. Yeah, those things happen, but would you want to be involved in this situation? While being led by the nose with the girl treating you with the disdain on a virgin "suitee?" Yes, just picture the tragedy. And you are now in the middle of it. It takes a big man to face something like this, but was that what you were looking for? I bet not. So, be careful. If you are into this type of thing, your path is fraught with possible deception and you will need to devise a non-offensive way to find out if the person you are in love with meets your expectations. How to go about it? Well, there are no easy answers. Most guys use intuition, some have a heart- to –heart talk and watch the body language; some study the family situation and base the outcome on probabilities and some even take the girl to see the doctor to have her checked. The latter can be very embarrassing to both parties but if you know how to talk people into doing such things, more power to you. Conversely, if you do not care if you will be first or not, you are ahead of the game too. Virginity faking is common in some countries. You have been warned.

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