Friday, July 29, 2011

A Tropical Finger as a Bad Prop for Love

A bizarre lesson is to be learned if you have a tropical lover in say India or Thailand, and want to initiate her into the realm of oral pleasures - do not use her fingers as props. You may get the taste of human feces into your mouth.

How so? Very simple- in many places they traditionally use fingers for bathroom hygiene- in other words, they pour water down the small of their back into the crack in between the buttocks, then wash the sphyncter clean. This is very good for the rear orifice but if they do not wash their hands well afterwards, you have to be careful.

Lets say, you are teaching your girlfriend to stimulate you orally. So, it occurs to you that a finger is phallic in shape so you take her finger into your mouth and start showing her how you want her to do it. Suddenly a horrible taste spreads all over your oral cavity - my God it tastes and smells like excretions- it shows you that while the girl kept her behind squeaky clean, the same cannot be said about her fingers. So, while you introduced her to the intricacy of fellatio, she taught you scatology. Inadvertently so.
Better keep a carrot, a cucumber or a massager handy.
Or use her thumb. But not other fingers.
Just a word to the wise.


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alobaghdad said...

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rob said...

Indeed....and maybe on a rainy day that left-over cucumber can have further utility...(waste not want not!)

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