Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Modern Fashion Shows Have Little Practical Use

Every time I watch a fashion channel on TV, I can’t help wondering about one thing- now, who on earth would dare put on all these extravagant clothes and walk down the street? I would imagine what would happen if someone did. Even in a place like New York. If it were a man, he would immediately be thought to be crazy and gay at the same time, and a woman would be seen like she is dressed in some gaudy Halloween costume ala lesbian prostitute cum insane air balloon artist.
As a show of bold art, these cat walk promenades are charming, but as a trend setter, they are too weird to be taken seriously. The clothing they often advertise is just way too fancy to say the least and some use the occasion to simply introduce revolutionary wearable abstract art that can never really be put to actual uses.
I am not against new ideas but I am just being practical. In no way these fashion shows serve the public or even introduce a useful product or service. Why even watch them?
Still cannot understand how those fashion designers make careers out of something that brings little visible benefit to society.

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Anne said...

The secret is that many fashion designers don't make money. :) super sad because i love fashion and to think a great house like Lacroix has reportedly never made money up to the moment he declared bankruptcy is sad to because he is one of my heroes.

oh by the way i would wear those stuff - basta ba handed to me for free. heheh. ang mahal kasi - wala ko kwarta. ahahaha. :D

nice post.