Saturday, February 21, 2009

Second Youth in the Second/Third World;

We have heard of the term “second childhood” or dotage when an elderly person becomes as helpless and as unreasonable as a newly born child as he/she stumbles towards the end of his/her life. Little, though, have we heard of second youth, which is a nature-given second chance to men and often, even women. What is this second youth?
Well, let me give you an example: say you are a man who has tried to succeed in early years studying hard, marrying, raising a family but through a combination of bad breaks and one’s own lack of wisdom and experience, has ended up a failure to one degree or another. You may be in your late thirties or forties or even fifties with little to show in terms of personal achievements. You may have gone through a bitter divorce or bankruptcy or a combination of the two. Your society considers you a loser, young attractive women won’t touch you with a ten foot pole and basically, you have very few things to look forward to.
This is the time when you should seriously consider starting afresh in a new land, preferable in a developing country where value are different, your status as a first world national is automatically high and where young females see maturity in years as an asset, not a liability. Such a possibility is your God given second wind, an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and have another youth in which failures of the past become not regrets lying heavily on your heart but lessons that will give you a chance to succeed that second time around.
Second youth can start anywhere from 30 to 50 and end whenever you are no longer interested in the pleasures of youth and are probably more inclined towards exploring interests of maturity. It can last anywhere from ten to thirty years or a bit less if you decide to get married and start a family. But even then, you can be a young father, still in the prime of youth.
As far as your look and potency goes, well, there are now many products on the market and many kinds of inexpensive surgical and non surgical procedures to keep you looking, feeling and performing as a young man should.
There will be many kinks to work out, set backs and obstacles but if you persist, the second youth will be there for many years to come.
Is second youth available to women? Well, yes, in a much watered-down version it is. Now there are middle aged Western women who head for Mediterranean and African countries where a 55 year old Western female can have a 20+ year old lover/husband and have her second chance at youth. However, she may not be able to have children again or assume the same position of “power” in her relationships as a Western man in the developing world could. Still, if she wants to have it, she might as well go ahead and enjoy it. I have seen Western women in their 50ies in the Middle East and they were living excellent lives enjoying all pleasures that it can offer. “Please, don’t let the party end” would be their war cry in Oman, Egypt, Turkey or Greece.
Somehow, though, it seems that men can have their “revenge” better and it can last longer and be more fulfilling. Plus, society will accept it much more and the whole thing will just flow more naturally.
The main obstacle to overcome in the financial one. How can one support oneself in all those lands? This is where your creativity, persistence and wisdom should be used. Teaching languages is the best way although it may not provide as much money as you think? A stint in Iraq to save some money for an online business that you can run anywhere in the world? Think hard, work hard and do not give up. Remember that Second Youth may last as long as the first one if not longer, so you do have enough time to arrange its happening.

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