Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Girls from the "Hospitality" Industry- a Good Choice?

Many expats fall in love with girls they meet in the "hospitality" industry- sleazy hostess bars, go go bars, KTV ( karaoke) bars. Some wonder if falling in love with a girl like that is a sensible move. I have a few thoughts on the matter:

Nightlife industry has a vampiric effect on girls- once they work in KTV, bars, etc. something in them changes permanently, the way something changes in a person when he/she becomes a vampire. A stream of men paying them money either for drinks or for sex also changes their whole attitude towards men, money, love, etc. It affects them in ways that are strange and unpredictable, too. Each girl manifests such changes in different ways but one thing is certain:

1) If men can pay her big money per night just to sit with her or have sex with he or sing with her, she sure as hell is not going to go to a normal job where she has to WORK, not just SIT or LIE DOWN.

2) Having seen/met hundreds of men, she has grown callous to men and sees them as a source of easy income. She is also dreaming of a release from her industry but not by a normal guy; by a rich guy!

3) She has some family situation where she has to support someone- parents, kids or her college studies. What she has to support is expensive and she cannot have a normal office job- the work is hard, the money is too little.

4) As long as she is in an establishment like she is in ( and she is used to that kind of "work" and it is very hard to break out of it) , the thing remains this: Every evening, while you are studying, working, spending time on the net, with your parents or family or just reading a book or watching TV at home, she is in company of drunk, horny, drooling, smelly men night after night after night. She is smiling at them, talking to them, hugging them, holding their hand, letting them touch her titties and kiss her on the cheek. She has several dates every night!!!!

The only way out if this for her is to find a rich guy, a really rich guy.

Are you one?

If you are not, just be friends with her. Give her some guidance. No need to fall in love. I would not touch a girl like that with a ten foot pole except as a friend.

And if I were a rich guy, I would try and find a virgin, not someone like her.

With a very few exceptions, such girls should be avoided as future serious life partners. You have a big choice in those countries, so just stay with your other choices of which there are more than you think.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Truthfulinsights:

Are you serious about the western females in the teaching positions? They can actually get a guy fired like in the USA? How are they allowed to get away with false accusations like that? So these Arab countries have feminist laws similar to those in the USA?

The only explanation I can think of is that these educational institutions are run mainly by Arab females, not males. The Arab males are probably subordinate to the Arab females in the admin/management hierarchy. Otherwise, I can't imagine a western guy being easily fired on a western female's word alone.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am serious.Come on over and work here for a while. You will
see what I mean. I cannot exactly compare the laws with the feminist laws in the USA but you are generally advised to keep away from women while women can get away with a lot more. Don't believe me? Come and get a job here.
I am not sure how the mechanism works- it could be the Arab protective view of females, it could be that they are in awe of Western women and treat them so well. But this is how it happens. Come and have a look. Work for a year and you will see.

No, the managers are not Arab females.