Sunday, January 06, 2008



Dean Read was one of the most prominent examples of a Western expat who had discovered that by changing countries, one could completely change one’s life. He was a failed American singer who defected to East Germany and built a great career there by becoming a movie star, a TV performer, a great mass motivator and a peace activist. He did admittedly get too involved in politics and teed some people off in the process which caused his untimely only two years prior to the coming down of the Berlin Wall. While I do not advocate a politically dangerous step like that, his life illustrates just how much can be attained by simply changing a location instead of trying to change one’s self. For more information about his very interesting life, please look up Dean Read on and

In some SE Asian countries, one is virtually guaranteed a girlfriend if one is willing to support her by giving her a small monthly allowance. However, it is all well and good until she gets sick (or tells you that she is sick). While the medical costs in those countries are not that high, they can add up very quickly and significantly eat away at your savings account. A person can be sick for an indefinite period of time. If you get a g.f. whom you decide to maintain financially, consider getting basic medical insurance for her which, as a rule, is not very expensive there.


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