Sunday, December 09, 2007

They Call Me Mr. Scholarship

Do you want to do something good for humanity? Become a scholarship provider for people in poorer countries. I don't mean you need to build a Rockefeller-type foundation with millions in assets. In some places a nursing school can cost as little as $250 per semester. So, for $500 per year or some $42 a month, you will be helping a young person somewhere to get an education and change their life forever.

There are many people in the so called Third World who cannot qualify for any kind of student aid and often, no student aid is available. Either you have money and you get an education, or you don't have it and you stay uneducated. It is really and truly sad.

It does not have to be a four- year college/university or a medical school. It can be a quick, one year course in tourism, a cellphone or computer repair course that is only a few week to a few months long, an internship at a hair salon, or any of the numerous educational opportunities available in such places. You will be surprised at the variety of educational establishments in all these countries and the many avenues the local people can take towards a brighter tomorrow.Most people simply don't have the money to attend those.

If you do not feel you are altruistic enough to selflessly help someone to have a better future, you may consider a tit-for-tat arrangement with an attractive young person of the opposite ( or for those of you who prefer an alternative arrangement, the same-) sex who will, in many cases, agree to become your romantic companion if you send him/her to school. You may have to add an allowance to help defray other costs- projects, books,stationary, transportation and food. In many instances, the whole thing will cost you $150 -$300 a month. Not a bad deal.

Whichever way you decide to do it, helping young people in distant lands is a great cause.You relatively small contributions will be changing lives and destinies of many people who otherwise would have no chance in life. For those of us who believe that after you die, you are asked by your Deity about what you have done for others while on earth, you will be able to proudly give them an account on how you have made other people's dreams come true by giving them an education. I am sure that you will be waved through the Pearly Gates with no delay or difficulty.

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