Sunday, May 06, 2007

Telling Them To get Stuffed

When you are an international expat suddenly working back home in your country, it gives you a sardonic kind of pleasure to be able to quit your job if you don’t get along with your boss or a co-worker. Other people you work with are shaking with the fear of losing their jobs but you aren’t. The reason is – you are aware of the worldwide job opportunities while they are only aware of domestic ones. You have often have money from tax-free jobs stashed in the bank but they don’t. They have heavy mortgages, kids in school and spousal ties while the ties that bind may not be as strong.

The same goes if you start dating at home again. You are aware of the international dating market, and have been to countries where you were a hot item, and a partner can be found in some 8 minutes. You may not be such a hot date now back home but no sweat. If you get dumped by another arrogant domestic date who treats you like you are something cheap and not worthy of being appreciated, all you need to do is get on the plane, and back you are in a locale where you are the one doing the choosing and the rejecting.

Ah, what a pleasure it is to tell your boss and your date to get stuffed because after another magic flight, you will be making more money that they are ( after taxes, that is) and dating people that are far more attractive than they could ever be and without the attitude, too.

I once quit my job in California because I could not stand the tyrannical boss there, and then, I sent him a letter from Riyadh notifying him of the fact that now my salary was higher than his.

A friend of mind sent the ex-spouse a letter from a certain tropical country into which a picture was enclosed showing my friend in explicit action with five different partners.

Eat your hearts out, tyrants. The world is our oyster in the ways it could never be with you.


Anonymous said...

So where should I go, japan or thailand?

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