Thursday, December 14, 2006

Avoiding PC Restrictions

Political Correctness has stifled free speech in so many ways that we have to be so careful nowadays about not using the wrong term to designate another person and consequently, get yelled at, make an enemy, get fired, get sued, etc.

However, as I have mentioned in some of my writing before, PC thought mainly controls the English language only and by osmosis, it seeps a bit into Spanish, French and maybe, German.

However, the invisible “language police“ can be avoided by learning, another, preferably a non-mainstream language, and using it freely. Granted, other languages also have restrictions such as one should not use bad words against some remote ethnic group of theirs, or insult their King or their religion but if you are mainly concerned about being restricted in your speech in the West, they can be a useful addition to your arsenal of freedom in our unfree society.

Spanish can help you if people cringe at your use of the word “Oriental”. In Spanish it is not offensive. The cognates of many other taboo English words in Spanish are not insulting at all. I cannot mention them here because I am writing in English, but it is up for you to find out what they are.

The modern PC Language Gestapo has one Achilles’s Heel- as most people in any Anglo-Saxon country, they are by and large, monolingual. They will tune out if you speak another language. So speak another language and have fun. Re-taste that freedom.

But you need to choose wisely. Spanish is still a bit mainstream, but even then, whenever I felt an urge to say, cuss, I did so in Spanish where there were no Spanish speakers around. It would still be better to learn some lesser popular language. Few people speak Thai, and while in Thailand, calling someone an iguana is a horrible insult, saying the word “Oriental” in its Thai equivalent is a thing of pride. Because their PC is different from ours, we can now engage in discussing our non-allowable topics in their terms. Just as long as you do not talk about iguanas.

Japanese is another low-PC language and as long as you do not insult the Emperor you can use all the un-PC terms in America when you switch to Japanese. Beyond that, try languages such as Slovak and Hungarian and learn them well. Then, enjoy.

That is freedom. Just learn it well, gather a group of people that speaks your new language and let the Freedom rip!

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