Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Anglo Guilt and Pride

The Anglo Guilt

Former British colonies and Britain itself seem to suffer from some kind of guilt complex. They are constantly trying to make amends for all the bad things they have done to other countries and races. In the process, they can get take advantage by other countries who had done just as many bad things, but who are not feeling guilty in the slightest. China, for example, carried out horrible atrocities in Tibet and Vietnam, but it is not feeling guilty. Neither does Japan. Liberals in America and in the UK for example, have even created a new teaching saying that race does not exist. However, in other countries they do not have such a teaching; they believe in race and practice racism every day. They exclude other races from participation in society, deal with illegal immigrants most harshly (Mexico does that, for example), and devote most of their time to looking out after their national interests. Only the Anglos seem to constantly be saying with a sad mien “We did this, and we did that” while lowering their heads in shame as other nations just go on with their agendas without ever looking back. Sometimes I wonder if such guilt is useful for all these Anglo-Saxon countries. It would be of some benefit if other nation-states were working on straightening out their record as well, but they aren’t. Either they deny that they had ever done anything bad, or they twist it to make it look like they had done a good thing. Everybody is selfish and shrewd, and looking out for number one. Anglos do too, but not as much. The guilt significantly cripples them. Well, as long as UK and US lead the world, they may have to be doing that, since, I guess, the world must love a guilt-ridden leader.

The Anglo Pride,

Along with the guilt there is also a pride and a delusion that comes with it. The gist of it is that an average American, Brit and often a Canadian actually equates the Anglo-Sphere (the part of the world where English is spoken) with ‘the world’. In fact, it is possible to circumnavigate the globe and only land, and spend time in English-speaking countries. Let’s say, you will go from Britain to the US, then Australia, and then, on to Singapore, HK, India, the Gulf Arab countries where most people are Indian or Filipinos, and then possibly to Africa where Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and other such places are English-speaking. Then, one will go back to London. One has been around the world and the world does speak English. At least that is the way it looks. As a result, you may form an illusion that the entire planet speaks English, whereas only 22-25% of it does. Such people who are Anglo- Saxon culturally, by and larg,e do not learn another language when they are abroad, and do not try to assimilate or integrate into other cultures, and find it abnormal when people do not speak English to them. “What are you, dumb or something?” they are often heard saying to people in countries that were not “lucky’ enough to be colonized by England.

Even after decades of living in Thailand, Russia or Germany, many do not make any effort to learn another language, and somehow feel deep in their hearts that the locals are wrong by not speaking English. The illusion that they have about the superiority of the Anglo-Saxon culture is so deep that it borders on madness.

While rarely trying to assimilate into other cultures, many such cultural Anglo-Saxons nevertheless get raving mad when immigrants to their countries want to preserve their culture and language just like they do when they go abroad. Sorry, but it goes both ways. If an American can live in the Dominican Republic for ten years without learning Spanish and be proud of it, you can expect a Dominican to do the same in the US. It’s only fair, isn’t it?

So, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. When Anglo start respecting other cultures, it should work the other way around, too- those who go to their countries will be making the effort to learn English.

That is if the world is fair, which it never seems to be.

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