Monday, March 27, 2006

American Illegals Marching on Mexico City

(The Americas Press Agency, March 29, 2006)

Thousands of Americans residents in Mexico marched on Mexico City; and hundreds more marched on other Latin American capitals to protest what they perceive to be the unfair treatment they have been receiving in those countries.

“We cannot work here”, complained John Smith, a resident of Tijuana. “They tell me: “Mexico is supposed to be for Mexicans.” “I have applied for many jobs here, at restaurants, and also at factories. I have run out of my savings and explained to them that I had a family to feed. They were laughing at me and showed me the door. They said that non-citizens were not eligible to work here. “You are not a Mexican”, they said. The owner of the factory got angry at me and screamed on top of his voice- “Yankee, go home”!

Jane Johnson, a long time resident in San Juan, Costa Rica, has lost her job with the American company where she had been working for the past four years. She had been trying to find work with the local company, but was told that “All the opportunities in our country are for Ticos (Costa Ricans)”, and that “Americans are not eligible to work here”, “We do not hire foreigners!” “What will I do?” complained Jane, “I have no money and I must go back to my country. These people are racist. They won’t give me a job. Not even one of them”.

Steven Jefferson, a resident in Guatemala City has complained that when he went to the local hospital he was not able to get free treatment there. “They said that I actually had to pay for the medical exam. That is preposterous! I deserve free medical treatment! And how come nobody speaks English here and there are no signs and brochures in English? English is the language of the world! How come these people do not speak it?”

Many Americans were carrying star-spangles banners and singing “Oh, say can you see…”

Police with dogs and water cannon, aided by the local immigration officials with batons and night sticks started dispersing the demonstrators. There were army trucks nearby and riot troops were called in. The protests attracted crowds of angry local onlookers many of whom were chanting “Gringos! Go back to your country!” Some members of the crowd grabbed the American flags that the protesters were carrying and started stomping on them. Many hit the Americans while shouting “You accursed Yankees, get out of our country!” at them.

Robert Ferguson, an American resident in another Latin American city had this to say: “When I came here with money and stayed at five-star hotels, they were treating me so nicely, and everybody was so friendly to me and respectful and all that. I had dates with beautiful ladies. I was like a king here. When I ran out of money, the people turned into devils. The smiles just disappeared. They are treating me like a dog now. Nobody will give me a job. I have been to hundreds of places. Here, if your last name is not Gomez, Lopez, or Rodriguez, you cannot work anywhere. Nobody will even consider you. They do not want a poor American, a poor foreigner to be a burden on their economy. They are so nationalistic and racist! What can I do? I am starving. Please, American Embassy, take me home! Somebody, please help! You can send me money by Western Union”.

Jose Rodriguez, a Mexican citizen, has commented- “They come to our country and they want jobs? But this is our country. They have no right to be here. They are only guests here. Yankees, go back home! We don’t want you here! Come with money or get out! We do not need a poor Gringo competing with the locals! “Mexico is para los Mexicanos!” Viva Mexico!”

Col. Jorge Perez of the local anti-riot forces had this to say: “We’re going to get every one of these darn Gringo foreigners, and deport them within days”. The ones that survive our jails and torture chambers, that is. We do not like to release cripples; it makes our country look bad. We, Mexicans, are nice people if you are rich, but don’t you dare come here and look for work! We don’t like indigents. And also, if you overstay your visa and are in the country illegally we have special treatment for you. It will make the Spanish Inquisition look like kids camp”.

Many arrests were made and reports of beatings, vicious canine attacks, torture in police dungeons and deportations have reached the US embassy. The American Ambassador had this comment: ‘They are racists! They do not want to give our citizens jobs. We are friends and good neighbors. Why are they doing it? We, Gringos, are so nice to them. We give them all these factory jobs and then amnesty. I will lodge a protest with the United Nations tomorrow!”

Several Americans, severely beaten and chased by angry Latin American citizens and policemen were banging on the US Embassy’s doors screaming “Help! They are going to kills us! Help!”

James Brown, a US worker who had the audacity to look for a job in Mexico barely escaped an attack by two German shepherds unleashed on him by the Mexican police and was now recuperating inside the Embassy compound. “I am an American”, he complained. “Mexico is in the Americas just like our country. They are a nation of immigrants, too. The Indians are originally from Siberia and then, the Spanish are from Europe. There are so many people here whose origins are from other countries; people whose ancestors are Portuguese and French. And Vicente Fox has an English name. I have an uncle whose last name is Fox. We do not want much here. We just want to work and build this country and send some money from here to the US. The ladies are so beautiful, and if you have a little bit of money, the people are so friendly. So, I just want to work and live here. What’s wrong with that? But they beat me so bad and they have tortured me. They said that if I did not pay a bribe, they would not release me. I had ten dollars and I gave it to them. They let me out, but had set two vicious mutts on me and they were chasing me all the way to the Embassy. It is all about fairness. Mexicans come to our country to work. So, we want to go to their country to work. We want to live in Mexico, make money, have kids and also, get some medical care. Is that too much to ask for?”

Some people have also reportedly demonstrated in several American cities in front of the consulates of Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica chanting: “Racists! Racists! Human rights for Gringos! Human rights for Americans!”, but there has been little press coverage of the event.

Reported by Jose Smith in Mexico City
and John Rodriguez in San Jose, Costa Rica.


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