Friday, January 13, 2006

The Brito-Boer War

I got to thinking one day about how inconsistent the English language can be with some terms. I will give you one example. Say, with the words about international relations that end in "o". Did you see those? Recently I was reading about "Sino-American" relations. OK, fair enough, it is probably from some Greek or Latin root and it means Chinese- American. Then, I recall once reading something about "Franco-German" relations. Then, there was something about "Graeco-Roman" influence. And then, the "Russo-Japanese" War. However, you never hear about "Amero- Mexican" relations. Or "Canado- British" ties. How come? You have " Indo-Europeans" and you have "Euro-Atlantic", but is there a "Japano- Chinese" something? I do not recall seeing anything like that.

Then, I have so many times heard my British friends explain to me that England and the UK were two different things. I always knew that but, how come they had an "Anglo- Boer" war? And an "Anglo-American" company somewhere. I am sure it was not only "Anglo-land" that was fighting the war, as there was Scotland that was involved in it, and there were many Welshmen participating in it, as well. And, also, there were many Scots, Irish and Welsh in the "Anglo-American" something-something Company, so, if we assume that "Anglo" refers to the Angles- the ancestors of the English, isn't the term somewhat wrong? Now, do we have a word "Celto"? I think if it existed, it would be used in some hyphenised description of some language group. But could the realtions between England and its Celtic neighbors be called Celto-English relations?

This thing about the Anglo- Boer war has always bothered. It seems inaccurate. After all, the Boers openly declared a war on the "British" Empire, didn't they? Not just England. So, those Scotsmen that died at Mafeking; were they fighting for Britain or just for mother England? I think they fought for the Empire. I suggest we rename the war. Maybe it's not too late. So, how do we rename it? And also create a new word that leaves the Scots, the Welsh and the Northern Irish included in all the UK affairs, wars and other things.

Something like "Brito". Yes, it will rhyme with "Fido". "Brito- American" relations. It has a good, positive ring to it, just like the word "bright". Then, we will have to rename the company into "Brito-American" and then, history books will have to be re-written to include a new term:" Brito-Boer War". It sounds fair and logical, doesn't it?

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