Thursday, December 15, 2005

Why is it hard to date in America?

in the US culture people are taught to be confident, independent and believe in themselves. It is a good thing but there is an uninteded consequence- you have a big class of swollen heads who think they are hot sh*t while, in fact, they are not. Plus the culture somehow worships the arrogant as*hole type. Male or female. A humble, modest, nice person will be welcome in Asia and Latin America, but seen as a naive weakling and potential doormat in the US. So you have a lot of strutting, swaggering, cocky people because if you do not behave like that, you will not be respected so much.

Hence, nice women are in the minority, as they have to look tough and arrogant within the context of the culture they are in. Or, as the culture goes, they will be taken advantage of.

Do not forget the British cliqueishness- another unfriendly thing inherited from the mother country- people like to be in small groups and do not like outsiders. That is why people try to get companions while in highschool as cliques are hard to penetrate once you are out in society.

Also, America was built by poineers and these needed to be strong and independent. A weak and modest woman in a covered wagon which would have Indian arrows piercing it every five minutes, would not be a good companion.

In the early days of the republic most people were men, anyway, and most ( of the few that were there) women were British. These are not exactly the most attractive women in the world, but they had oodles of handsome young pioneers who would die to have a chance to marry a pale, sickly, horse- faced British woman. Hence, the tradition of worshipping ugly and few-in-number women, and the certainty of ugly women having gorgeous men at their feet any time they wanted. So, the dating is poor. For men, that is.

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