Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Song of an Unwanted Man

To be unwanted isn't something awful
For if we aren’t on somebody's menu list,
We thus may not be drawn into affairs unlawful
Or placed beneath that someone's heavy fist.

To be unwanted by society is not so gloomy
It may just be that we are left alone
To be ourselves, in private space that’s roomy,
Where solitude becomes a precious stone.

To be unneeded means- we’re not exploited
And sundry parasites won’t bleed us dry,
"Unwanted" means they just will be avoided,
As long as they leech others, should we cry?

Unwanted means: at peace and undisrupted,
Un-bother'd, un-disturbed and un-confused.
With rigid canons un-imposed and un-adopted,
We'll stay serene, undaunted and un-used.


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