Friday, November 18, 2005

Are Americans Dumb?

Are Americans Dumb?

When I was working in Saudi Arabia, a British co-workers asked me:" Can I sing you the national anthem of the country of dummies?" I said: "Go ahead" He then proceeded to sing "the Star-Spangled Banner" with the following lyrics: "Dumb-dumb-dumb dumb-dumb-dumb..". Another British co-worker said that Americans were the dumbest race of people on the face of the Earth.

I asked him why? He said that he once made a phone call using an ATT&T operator and inquired her if he could place a call to London. She asked him " Where is London? Is that in Europe?" Later he told him that whenever he switched the TV channel to see a rugby or a cricket match, American co-workers would simply leave the room, totally uninterested in the game. In his eyes, these incidents made Americans "dumb".

America is the largest economy in the world and Americans call themselves the richest country in the world. American leads the world in technology, space exploration in other such areas. So, why is this accusation of being "dumb"? And if Americans are so dumb, why is the country so rich?

America is rich, there is no doubt about it. And it owes its riches to many factors. The main factor is probably the culture built on Protestant work ethics and solid North European common sense. People work hard and they work smart. They know how to solve problems. While some may call modern Americans "wastrels", the past generations had been very thrifty. The country was built on free enterprise and for hundreds of years the government had a laissez fair policy towards business. The culture is forward looking with a "can do" attitude. People are enthusiastic and believe that they can achieve their individual dreams through discipline and never giving up. Add to this the fact that education is much more accessible to many more people than how it was in Europe and the fact that the society has a much less rigid class structure and you've got yourself a rich country. And don't forget the fact that the country has lots of natural resources and unlike the European countries there have not been any major invasions for the past 200 years or so.

So, where does this dumb thing come from? I think what is happening here is a classical case of intercultural misunderstanding. It occurs when foreigners visit the US and when Americans go to foreign countries. The people that call Americans dumb for the most part are Europeans. Latin Americans sometimes call US people uncultured, but not necessarily dumb. So, what is going on?

There seems to be a difference in education. Europeans believe in being informed about the world outside. Being a well-rounded person is seen as a virtue. In the US, according to Europeans, people are very good at their individual professions and a few of their hobbies. However, studying anything that does not lead to practical results, is seen as a waste of time. That for some reason seems to include Geography and World History. So, as long as a conversation between an American and a foreigner runs along a specific topic such as business or the American's chose field of expertise, everything seems fine. Problems start when a European wants to have a broader discussion on international culture or current world events ( the ones that do not cover America's involvement in some war). Once a discussion like that starts, an American tunes out. He gives his conversation partner a blank look and starts feeling uncomfortable. Some Americans will even say with pride " I don't know anything about ( insert the topic). You might be talking to a five-year-old for all one cares.

The neglected areas of Geography and any knowledge of the world outside the US- a subject that many Europeans take for granted and learn at an early age which seems to go largely uncovered in the US causes the impression of 'dumbness'. Brits complain that when they were in the US, MIT graduates would ask them questions such as : "Is there a bridge between England and Scotland or do you take a ferry? One Brit was fuming 'Do you know what that American asked me? He asked me " So what language do you guys speak in England?" Australian TV once ran a program where an Aussie went to some American city and stood there with a map, asking people to show on the map where Australia was and no one, allegedly, could do it.

And these are American reactions to people who come from fellow- Anglo-Saxon countries! Things get worse when other countries are involved. Numerous foreign students who go to the US to study complain that most Americans have never even heard of their countries to begin with. One Malaysian girl studying at a college in New York was almost hysterical " No American has even heard of Malaysia". They keep asking me " Where is that?" One Saudi Arabian official once told me this story: He was studying in the US in 1980ies and once he was picnicking with his friends when a man walked up to them and said " F*** you, Iranian!" They promptly left the place but later decided to go back and explain to him that they were not Iranians. Upon approaching the angry man and telling him that they were not Iranians, the question that came their way was " So, what the f**** are you?"." We are Saudis!" to which the man replied " Same f****ing s**t!" In Latin America tales about of US presidents calling Brazilians "Bolivians" and being surprised that Brazil had Black people. White South Africans are asked " You come from Africa, How come you are white?"

The other thing that aggravates the situation is that, because of geographical and cultural distances involved, even if Americans know about the existence a country, they have a very distorted picture of how life in those countries must be. Questions such as " Do you guys have electricity or TV?" or" Do you guys live in houses and are there cars in your country?" or "Are there big buildings in your country?" are asked of Thais, Nigerians and Singaporeans, people whose countries are quite modern in spite of poverty in some of them. Movies made in the US about Russia or Korea or Africa notoriously portray poor peasants and countryside devoid of any civilization whose people, nevertheless speak English and who all want to go to the US. Since most Americans have not been to those countries, they blindly believe the simplified Hollywood version of the world.

A similar phenomenon occurs in the Philippines, a country that was once a US colony and that adopted an American system of education. Many foreigners visiting the Philippines or who work with Filipinos often say that Filipinos, even those with BA degrees have not heard of many countries unless they are those from which most tourists to the Philippines come and where Filipinos work : USA, Canada, Japan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Italy, etc. Having a worldy discussion with many a Filipino is quite difficult in spite of the fact that they are a well-educated nation.

Hollywood, too , plays a role by putting America in the center of the world with other countries somehow being "run-away provinces" of America, who one day will want to join the Union and become another state of the US. They think that the world speaks English ( because on the screen most people do) and if some people don't ( actually 75% of people do not) then they should and soon will. Even the National Geographic channel covers only the very modern or the very exotic countries leaving a huge number of countries unmentioned. All these factors contribute to the international "uninformed-ness" of an average American and makes him or her appear "dumb" when a meeting between an American and a person of another culture takes place.

In all fairness, Americans also see some other nations as "dumb". For example, the "Polish jokes" seems to be a uniquely American phenomenon. Few people in Europe think that Poles are dumb. Countries surrounding Poland actually think of them as astute, discreet and highly cultured people. In Russia, for example, a Pole is highly respected as being intelligent and even aristocratic. Possibly, the Polish immigrants to the States were originally poor and appeared "dumb" to Americans since they did not function well in the American culture in the beginning. French Canadians whose English was often poor and who also acted clumsy when they first arrived as immigrants in the US, were described as "dumb". But these adjusted to the country, learned the language and the culture and are no longer referred to as such. However, the "dumb" American image persists, especially in Europe.

Being uninformed about the rest of the world does more harm than earning the title of being "dumb". People who think that they live in paradise while unaware of the many social and technological improvements that are always taking place in other countries will eventually fall behind in many areas. They will not be able to adopt many exciting innovations that are being introduced around the world all the time. Japan had video- cellphones as early as late nineties and Sigapore solved its race problem once and for all by very ingeneous quota systems that seem to benefit rather than harm. Many countries, such as Slovenia ( Where is that?) have small per capita prison populations and have much better programs to rehabilitate prisoners. However, if Americans do not know about them, how will the country improve?

They will not be able to elect good leaders and will support international campaigns of dubious usefulness which drain US resources by diverting money from home to some overseas ventures in which patriotic Americans always die. They will believe myths about how the rest of the world is a God-forsaken place and if they become just like the US, they will be OK.

Such ignorance creates suffering and death and stalls progress at home and abroad. And changing that requires improving the education at home and creating a new generation of highly intelligent, worldly citizens. Such Americans will probably be the world's most perfect human beings.


Frances said...

This is an interesting article. It's true that so many Americans are not aware of other cultures, and are proud of this fact! Traveling abroad is certainly an eye-opener, though while many consider Americans to be dumb, there is also a fairly large contingency who think Americans are ingenious and will solve all their problems. American expatriates tend to be more culturally aware, so what many abroad see are actually Americans who are educated and interested in other countries. This doesn't make sensational footage though, so you don't see it repeated or hear the stories of "those Americans who knew right where Nepal is." I think Americans sent more of a message of being dumb by re-electing a president with unsound policies and who continually puts his foot in his mouth. That is not a good representative if we want to foster a reputation of intelligence and wisdom throughout the world. Still, there are tales of people traveling abroad and encountering Bush supporters -- probably not as many as the ones who drop their heads and say "what are you guys thinking?"

Frances said...

Also, might I mention that the handful of super-geniuses I've met in my life have all been Polish.

KishCom said...

Ignorance != Being dumb

IMHO, Americans aren't dumb, far from it really. It's their ego, and blatant "We're better than everyone, so why bother paying attiention to anyone else?" attitude.
I'm a proud Canadian, and I've found being Canadian while traveling abroad, people will mistake me for American (similar accent, and looks), but when I explain I'm Canadian attitudes change a lot. It's an interesting phenomenon.

Fishplate said...

I think Americans sent more of a message of being dumb by re-electing a president with unsound policies and who continually puts his foot in his mouth.

Yes, thank God we could only elect Clinton twice...

nabla said...

Funny. There are no "American jokes" in Poland at all.

Polish name of Germany is "Niemcy". It can be transated as "Dumbsters" or rather "Speachlessers".

Rod said...

Great insight, for an American ;)

I think we Europeans tend to view Americans as some sad kids living inside a glittering, car-obsessed, all-you-can-eat version of Plato's cave, and I'd say you're dead right as to what causes that impression...

Americans are very good at what they do but, from where we stand, it sure looks like they don't know what the heck they are doing it for. So the dude in the cave looks around and what does he find? some cheap plastic version of Jesus (wasn't that poor guy's role as an overabused scapegoat supposed to end at the Golgotha) or piles of money (good luck with that).

BTW, there are stories about "those Americans who knew where Nepal is", but most people take them for urban legends. Don't worry, many of us know for a fact that they are true. That's the advantage of living in a land where a couple of hours driving takes you places where people are talking a different language: you learn what stereotypes are worth, and that ain't much!

A portuguese-brazilian currently living in Paris (no, Portugal's not next to Guatemala)

Rob Mueller said...

CNNNN (a satirical comedy show on the ABC in Australia) did a number of sketches in America interviewing "average" people off the street. Of course it's also easy to edit these down to the worst offenders, but it still sometimes makes for scary viewing...

For instance, try this one, and click on "Who to bomb next?" link to jump to the segment.

Dan said...

It may be that this growing incompatibility to communicate with the rest of the world is what keeps driving America to push its values on other countries. 'The Quiet American' gives a beautiful interpretation of the events occuring at the begining of the Vietnam war by America's 'influence' over southern Vietnam.

It must be kept in mind though that simply travelling to a distant country does not equal understanding or acceptance of that countries unique culture. While I saw plenty of americans on my trip in Europe, they were still reluctant to get into the European culture, prefering to eat at McDonalds instead of grabbing a pizza or pasta in Italy! Or complaining how the pizza is flat in Italy, like they f**king well invented it!!!

AFM said...

american riches were built on the back of slaves and 400 years of free labor that support an industrualized growth.

sharkfish said...

Good. That way when a European has to hire an American, I will stand out that much more!

hammy said...

I'd have to agree with an earlier comment about dumb vs ignorance. It really just comes down to being ignorant. Geography and "other world" issues are probably among the lowest of priorty of school classes. It's not our fault we grow up in this environment. There are a lot of things I hate about America, but it pisses me off that people assume we're all fat, lazy and dumb. That's not true. It makes a lot of us feel like the rest of the world is just a bunch of assholes.

Walton said...

It's not your fault you grew up in an environment where the world outside the US is not a priority. But you can do something to educate yourselves. You have unparallelled access to information through the Internet, yet it seems that a lot of people just want to get the prejudices confirmed and stick to Fox or what the pastor says.
I'm South African, and a lot of South Africans are dumb too, but we have quite a good idea of what's happening in the rest of the world, despite years of isolation and the fact that the Internet is still too expensive for most people to access.

Fabien said...

I can only agree that if people aren't interested in something they don't need, they're free not to learn about it.

However, understanding a bit of geography, economics and politics including foreign policy are base skills for a voter.

So, as american people are welcome to be clueless about these. But as american citizens and voters, they are not!

Steve Barbour said...

I've found pretty much that bery few people know about things that are outside their sphere of influence / interest.

Americans tend to be like everyone else, we learn about things when we either need to or feel that it is beneficial to learn about.

Are Americans Dumb: Response

a web surfer said...

The question "where is London" is just another way to phrase "which London", which is more polite than putting words in the mouth of your customer by saying "You mean London England". It's also an opportunity to remove ambiguity on the part of the caller. You know there is such a place as London Ontario. You obviously knew that though.

Perhaps you are more eurocentric than you're aware of. I find that the people who point fingers the most are the best at projecting their insecurities on to others.

To a previous post:
A European accusing America of profiting off slavery is like the pot calling the kettle black. You should compare slavery to the genocide carried out by the British occupation of India.

Claymour said...

Very interesting and well said. I for one think the problem comes inherently from a lack of *drive* for Americans to become cultured. Not simply because it isn't valued by a society, but because it technically wouldn't even benefit an American as an individual. Me knowing more about other countries won't matter until I have to simply to get around and survive. Europeans supposedly cherish well roundedness, and being "worldly" but I say it's a matter of survival. Living within 2 hours of another country, another language, and another culture sort of makes Europeans take for granted that they have so much more exposure than we do *naturally*. In other words, Europe, don't flatter yourselves. If you lived in the middle of a country completely cut off from other cultures and people you'd be just like us, and people would be getting on YOUR ass about it.

Anonymous said...

Argentina is perrty isolated but people there are very well read. And they know where all countries are. So, georgraphical isolation is not an excuse. The thing is , they simply stopped teaching geography at US schools as a required subject decades ago. Other countries did not. That is the main reason.

Anonymous said...

dumb fucking yanks

Anonymous said...

Omg "web surfer" would like us to compare slavery to the genoside in India. Wells lets do that then... 16-20 million africans died during the slave trade(obviously that figure can not be exact, but from my research it seemed pretty consistent)and only about 10 million Indians. The slave trade also destroyed many african cultures leaving them in the mess they are in today. i understand that the Americans were not the largest importers of slaves(that was Brasil) but you cant compare the damage done in Africa to the no very well developing nation of India. I know i sound quite biased right now, but thats only cause i really dont like Americans, i mean who the hell votes Bush... twice...

Anonymous said...

Ok, let's assume that the justification of geographic determinism in this era of information is really the reason behind the Americans' lack of knowledge of the world. What about their OWN history? How appalling is that? Why, when discussing educational reform with a fairly intelligent American, I have to explain to him John Dewey's part on the changes that have occurred over time? Why do I have to even remind an American that Puritans were not really "puritanical" in the sense that we think of now (read Edmund S. Morgan's Those Sexy Puritans).

It is also sad to me when I read a great essay written by an American and I find that instead of writing "their," the native speaker wrote "they're."

Today, time is wasted in American schools with projects in which kids show "how they feel" and such. Schools have pretty much turned into tools for social interaction instead of being institutions that give their students knowledge to succeed and be respected later in life. Making a child feel comfortable in a microcosm temporarily is not the answer. I believe that the American educational system should change, but No Child Left Behind is certainly not the answer.

Anonymous said...

Americans are the dumbest people on earth.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know what to say. It seems like a lot of you have already made up your minds about us, which I think is sad. I teach English in Europe, and I had a class yesterday debating on how to spell their own preident's name.

So, I don't think we Americans have a monopoly on ignorance.

People need to be open-minded and stop judging people by a few bad apples. And if you're relying on tv programs as your source for formulating your opinions on Americans, well, you're not too different from the "lazy, obese ignorant fat-ass" who watches fox news.

Anonymous said...

I served my country and they told me I'm not needed anymore, I purchased a home and lost it because i couldn't afford it, I married a woman and she left me for another man who's a prick. my kids hate me. my car's broke, I work for someone half my age. But... I love my country

Dan said...

Here is why Americans are dumb:

It is not about "classic cultural misunderstanding"

it is about the social system that engenders stupidity, instead of taking measures to alleviate it.

Mal said...

I agree with Bill Maher when he says a large number of Americans are plain stupid. I'd venture to say that if you leave the recent immigrants out, the average IQ of more than 50% of the Americans would be below 100 and at least 30% or more would have an IQ of 80 or less. That would clearly explain the birhters, deathers, creationists and the republicans

Anonymous said...


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Mal said...

Americans may pride themselves that their domain is a 100-mile radius aroudn where they live and anything outside that domain is of no consequence. Unfortunatley that is a sure sign of American decline. In a global society this sort of ignorance is not a matter of pride but one of shame. I don't see much hope regrettably.


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Anonymous said...

Ive lived in Japan for many years and the saying that Japanese are very intelligent people is overated. Ive worked for Euro types also, not impressed. Nothing beats the innovation and individualism that America culture promotes. Yes there are many annoying idiots in the USA, mainly druggies etc. and those who are elected gov officals. The business sector however has many talented individuals. What most Euros and Asian types perceive as US culture is what they see on MTV ect. Hip Hop and other non sense sells, so it keeps coming. Many people outside the US dont know that most Americans dont even care about that crap, and the ones that do are more concerned about fitting in. There is a strong movement to fit in if you live in the US, but most of us outgrow it. Due to immigration of less than desirable peoples, we are seeing a disentgration of the US culture. I think many are standing up to this now.The government has squashed allot of the will to enterprise and the citizentry either works for the gov or joins the military now. Hopefully things will come back around and we will once again be the great nation who came to save the Euros asses and squash the japanese and help the chinese. See, it does pay to know your history, but only if you know how to apply it. Ron Paul for Pres.

Anonymous said...

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